Adams+Collingwood Architects was founded by Robert Adams in 1992, practicing under the name Robert L Adams Architects until Robert Collingwood became a partner in 2002. Together these noted architects fostered a strong team and established the Adams + Collingwood ethos. Tamsin Bryant joined the practice as director in 2014 when Robert Collingwood retired. An architect with previous experience in commercial architecture and project management, Tamsin is Robert Adams’ daughter and her experience has brought a pragmatic new vigour to the practice.

25 Projects
In 2017 we celebrated 25 years of Adams+Collingwood Architects. In our new book, 25 Projects, practice directors Rob and Tamsin have gathered together a collection of their most memorable projects spanning 25 years in practice; projects that have shaped the direction of their work; that stand out as unique; that they learnt from, or have a personal connection to. Find out more and read 25 Projects here.

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