Project Description


Location: Sevenoaks
Year: 2019
Client: Private

This project was motivated by a client desire for a beautiful and functional retirement home that would suit them for the next 30 years. The original house had grown out of the existing stable block, the results of various small additions and developments mean’t an increased floor area, but without a sense of space and an award flow between rooms.

Adams Collingwood Architects satisfied the brief by designing a generous open-plan living room with smaller defined areas for activities such as breakfast, study, cooking and dining. The space features a sculptural timber stairs positioned in the middle of the ground floor. It is open plan and forms a centre piece whilst also allowing visual sightlines through the space and to the upstairs. Upstairs the bedrooms have been enlarged, and new larger windows provide spacious, light and airy rooms with a substantial balcony onto the south facing gardens.

The house has been thoughtfully designed with flexibility in mind. Ground floor space can easily be converted to have a bedroom with washing facilities, the staircase is not only beautiful but is also purposefully wide with shallow treads, it is perfect for those who would usually find stairs a struggle. The result is a lifetime home, flexible enough to adapt to changing clients’ needs.

Advice for Homeowners:
Adams+Collingwood Architects specialise in residential architecture and we have put together a guide with everything you need to know before you begin. Read our homeowners guide to residential architecture here.

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