Project Description

Temperley Road Terrace Upcycle

Location: London SW12
Year: 2019
Client: Private family

We have transformed a typical London Victorian terrace house to create a highly energy efficient and spacious family home that retains the familiar features of the traditional terraces we all treasure.

Our client bought their two-up two-down terrace before starting a family and were left with the choice to sell and buy somewhere bigger, extend where they were, or rebuild. Our specialist residential team have worked on a number of similar terraced houses and recommended the most practical cost saving initiative to save them money and create their ideal family home. To help the family take advantage of VAT savings, instead of refurbishing and extending the existing property, we chose to demolish and rebuild, saving them over £100k. Crucially, the local council were supportive of this plan.

Externally we recreated a replica façade exactly as it would have been 120 years ago when the terrace was originally built and kept the traditional architectural typology of the ‘water closet wing’ to the rear. Internally we designed a simple contemporary split-level plan that doubles the size of the original house on the same footprint. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a formal sitting room, a utility room, plenty of storage space and an open plan kitchen dining room opens onto the family garden. The kitchen floor is 450mm below the garden ground level a wall is introduced that acts as a spare seat for an additional outside room.

Internally we used an imaginative combination of expensive and everyday materials to deliver a high-end finish and durable, practical surfaces where it matters most to the growing family. We invested in marble tiles in the bathroom and Corian worktops in the kitchen by saving costs with practical wall finishes and ash plywood dividers on the feature staircase. Playful touches like the CNC cut bubble pattern on the staircase casting light patterns across the central hallway and colourful glass splashbacks in the kitchen create a friendly welcome.

Since moving back in, the client tells us their new home feels strong, robust and draughtproof. Previously the family had issues typical of many terraced houses – internal doors that couldn’t close during winter, springy floorboards and mysterious draughts that pushed up energy bills. Pre-construction the house energy consumption was 6,000 kWh electricity and 7,500 kWh gas per annum. Post-construction it is anticipated we have reduced this to 4,000 kWh electricity and 6,000 kWh gas per annum, for a building that is twice the size.

The end result is a 50% bigger, energy efficient contemporary new home, with the same Victorian front door in the same community. A terraced house upcycled.

Our architectural director Rob Adams says of the project; “It’s wonderful to see the Temperley Road family settling into their successfully upcycled home. London’s terraced houses are a valuable resource and Adams+Collingwood Architects has ambitious plans to upcycle terrace housing on a scale that would provide a sustainable solution to solve the housing crisis our city faces.”

Advice for Homeowners:
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