Adams+Collingwood have submitted an entry into the NLA New Ideas for Housing competition.

The proposal ‘up-cycles’ terraced houses for 21st century living and future adaptability: Renovating the terraced house with altered planning legislation and government-assisted funding.

What? One new dwelling per typical terraced house

How? By simply adding a single storey, with roof terrace, and a full height extension to the back.

Why? Cost effective solution to our current housing crisis whilst retaining and reviving a valued London housing typology.


  • Zero-carbon re-cycling of the traditional terraced house
  • Minimal disruption to London, maximum effect
  • Regeneration of existing infrastructure
  • Cost effective solution for the government and the homeowner
  • New supply of ground floor garden flats (most in demand demographic for new housing stock

Click here to view the full submission: A+C Architects-The Terrace Upcyle-Illustrated Report