Architecture: Our love, our life, our family

Why work with us?

Since Rob founded the practice in 1992, we have delivered hundreds of bespoke projects which have gained us accolades, awards, and credit in notable publications.

As a family business we have a sense of purpose and drive to enrich the built environment for those who inhabit it. We love to work in partnership with our clients to deliver their dreams and whilst design is the visible side to our work, as architects we do so much more.

We have identified five reasons why clients choose to work with us, and what makes us unique:

1. We invest in the conversation.

Each of our clients have their own dreams and drivers behind their project. To develop the brief we listen to our clients, we strive to understand them and we test ideas. This conversation forms the foundations for a successful project.

2. We delight in the personal story

Our understanding allows us to be in tune with our clients’ dreams. Design is the narrative that tells their story, and reflects their personality.

3. Involved throughout the Journey

We have an excellent planning record and work collaboratively with local planning authorities, encouraging them to take ownership of the project with a design that becomes a local exemplar. We produce extremely thorough technical design documents ensuring that all decisions are tested on the drawing board, saving time and money once on site.

We remain closely involved during the construction stage, with site inspections to guarantee the quality is maintained.

4. More than architecture

We bring value that goes beyond simply owning a high quality contemporary build. We create spaces which enrich the lives of the occupants and offer intangible qualities such as improved wellbeing and a feeling of ‘home’.

5. Architecture: Our love, our life, our family

Exceeding clients’ expectations is the most rewarding accolade for us. We love the direct relationship between our clients and the properties we design. What we love even more is how we are able to transform the way clients live and the difference we can make to the quality of their lives. The relationship between architect and client is extremely important, and we place great significance on rapport and engaging on a personal level. Our clients become an extension of our family.

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