Adams + Collingwood Architects put forward proposals for the Sevenoaks Nature and Wellbeing Centre.

Adams + Collingwood Architects visited the Sevenoaks Nature centre and felt an immediate sense of duty  to minimise the visual impact of the building on the landscape and maximise the internal comfort levels for wellbeing using sustainable and ethic construction values.

The design and layout of the buildings and parking are designed to give the visitor an increasing sense of peace /wellbeing afforded by the nature of the site but also a withdrawal from the outside world.

We imagine one could meander along this path with glimpses of the lakes to your left and onto this disguised mound which conjures up images of ancient settlers of Britain’s burial mounds or motte or even hobbit houses. As one gets closer one can glimpse an inviting entrance.

Once inside the “tumulus” one experiences a hidden world of treasures on display in a central space day lit by an oculus in the roof. From this space all of the facilities are accessible – studio, café, meeting room, shop, and convenience facilities. From this dome one can pass into the studio and café spaces where one can see out onto the wildlife sanctuary.