In an exciting development, ABL3 Architects has taken their site visits to new heights—literally—through the integration of cutting-edge drone technology. Based in London, but with a longstanding experience in waterside projects, including those in Salcombe Harbour, the firm is leveraging state-of-the-art drones to conduct surveys and gather crucial information on both new and completed projects.

The utilisation of drones allows ABL3 Architects to access areas and angles previously inaccessible through conventional means, revolutionising the way they approach architectural assessments. From capturing intricate details of ongoing construction to conducting thorough inspections of completed structures, the possibilities are limitless.

This innovative approach not only enhances the efficiency of site visits but also ensures a higher level of accuracy in data collection. By harnessing drone capabilities, ABL3 Architects can extract comprehensive information that was once out of reach, offering invaluable insights to inform their design and planning processes.

To witness the potential of drone technology firsthand, check out the captivating trailer. Experience the future of architectural innovation and stay tuned for more updates on ABL3’s projects in Salcombe Harbour and beyond.

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