Not just a residence

Nestled among “The Terrace,” a collection of five houses adorning the River Thames, this house stands tall, boasting a facade that could rival a grand country manor. It’s not just a residence; it’s a slice of architectural history, snugly situated between the pedimented central house and the whimsical end-of-terrace abode. Once lived in by the illustrious architect William Antony Sampson Lloyd and his creatively vibrant wife, Peggy, daughter of the renowned architect William Curtis Green RA, it has had a lively past indeed.

What the Clients have to say:

“ABL3 Architects have been patient, clever and wise in the plans for the house and in helping us through planning permission. Their calm demeanour and years of experience mean we have great trust in them, they guide us down a clearer path”

A Georgian Gem, W4

A distinguished residence along the iconic Strand on the Green terrace – a Georgian gem that has danced through time, narrating the captivating story of architects, artistic musings, and a meticulous restoration that’s nothing short of magical.

A Dance of Restoration

The restoration was a meticulous dance with the past, reviving panelled doors, architraves, and skirtings to showcase the craftsmanship of yesteryears. Original floorboards found new life, complemented by sympathetic new additions. Venture to the basement, where a living room with an old fireplace range found rejuvenation, birthing a utility room from the back.

A Symphony of Old and New

This is not just a restoration; it’s a jubilant celebration of architectural history, a symphony of old and new, and a testament to the passion of ABL3 Architects and our visionary clients who’ve infused this historic residence with a new heartbeat. Welcome to a home where every creaky floorboard tells a tale, and every nook whispers the secrets of time.

Architecture Meets Environment in Perfect Harmony

A beacon of architectural and environmental synergy, this project exemplifies the power of thoughtful design, creating a sustainable haven in a remote and breathtaking location. The unique blend of innovation, elegance, and eco-conscious living on Start Point Peninsula.

Advice for Homeowners:

ABL3 Architects specialise in residential architecture and we have put together a guide with everything you need to know before you begin. Read our homeowners guide to residential architecture here.

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