Blending heritage and modernity

Our artisans took the challenge of renovating this historic property, crafting a narrative that seamlessly blends heritage and modernity. Ascend to the top floor, where an open plan artist studio has been transformed into a celestial haven – a master bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room that pay homage to the property’s artistic roots. The pièce de résistance? An unobstructed view through the bay window, revealing the majesty of the River Thames, Albert Bridge, and the quaint village of Battersea.

Evolution of Space

On the ground floor, witness the evolution of space as the cellular plan is reimagined into a harmonious series of interconnected rooms. The kitchen now shares an intimate dance with the dining room and living room, connected through a new doorway that required exceptional joinery skills. Our craftsmen meticulously matched the period panelling, ensuring a seamless transition between spaces.

Grade 2 Listed Gem on the River Thames

Masterpiece on the banks of the River Thames – a Grade 2 listed gem that underwent a remarkable metamorphosis.

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A home where history meets contemporary elegance

Every inch of this residence has been fine-tuned, transforming it into a beautiful family home enriched with witty details. The result is a symphony of tradition and innovation, where the soul of the past harmonizes with the pulse of the present. Welcome to a home where history meets contemporary elegance.

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