Sculpted Structure

More than just a shelter for boats and canoes. We set out to sculpt a structure that harmoniously blends into the lush riverside landscape while catering to the unique needs of Bryanston School’s aquatic pursuits. Picture a first-floor viewing platform, a chic clubroom, and a dedicated land training space—all seamlessly integrated into a design that mirrors the river’s grandeur.

Flood Resistant Masterpiece 

Not to be deterred by challenges, we engineered a flood-resistant masterpiece, perched on ‘Saddle Stools’ that gracefully yield to rising waters without compromising functionality. The architecture unfolds with expansive geometric roof planes, meticulously composed into a sculptural marvel. Your gaze is naturally drawn upward, from the open landscape to the lofty first-floor club room and training space—the pinnacle of our design.

From the river’s perspective, a commanding balcony steals the show, aligning perfectly with the water’s edge. The entire composition harmonizes with the idyllic setting, transforming a complex brief into an elegant and inspiring architectural solution.

Navigating the waters of Innovation and Design Excellence

Commissioned to craft a new riverside boathouse for Bryanston School’s rowing and canoe clubs, we rose to the challenge with an avant-garde approach that seamlessly melds contemporary aesthetics with economic sensibility.


  • RIBA Award

Featured in:

  • 25 Projects Publications

Contemporary professionalism

The overall ambiance exudes contemporary professionalism, allowing traditional values to thrive in a modern setting. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was completed on schedule. Commencing site work on June 1, 2020, we navigated the complexities with COVID-secure construction, limited on-site contractors, and adherence to social distancing. Site meetings were conducted over Zoom, and progress was shared through video updates.

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