Innovative Design Amidst Nature’s Canvas

Tasked with replacing a bungalow, ABL3 architects crafted a 180 m2 house with a 58 m2 garage workshop, cleverly integrated into the hillside overlooking Start Bay. Overcoming challenges posed by local restrictions and a steep slope, this project showcases architectural ingenuity.

What the Clients have to say:

“What an achievement for everyone! We feel that the success of our beautiful homes is down to spending more time thinking and planning rather than just doing. It has been a five year labour of love and we absolutely love what ABL3 Architects team have designed and built for us?”

A Sustainable Haven on Start Point Peninsula

Nestled on the scenic Start Point Peninsula in the South Hams, Greenhay, an architectural marvel by ABL3 architects, seamlessly blends innovation, sustainability, and natural integration. This 3-bedroom house, born from the challenge of replacing a pre-fabricated bungalow, stands as a testament to thoughtful design.

Elegance in Detail and Sustainability at Heart

Internally, the plan form unfolds with a fluid layout, maximizing sea and landscape views. Details like the 3m veranda and exposed timber structure create an inviting atmosphere. Sustainability takes center stage with high-level insulation, air source heat pump technology, solar panels, and a Tesla battery for surplus energy storage.

Landscaping Harmony and Energy-Efficient Living

Thoughtful landscaping defines the surroundings, balancing flat lawn areas for recreation and a thriving meadow attracting wildlife. The property boasts adaptability, transitioning seamlessly to new owners who found its energy-efficient design a perfect fit, showcasing the timeless appeal of the property.

Architecture Meets Environment in Perfect Harmony

A beacon of architectural and environmental synergy, this project exemplifies the power of thoughtful design, creating a sustainable haven in a remote and breathtaking location. The unique blend of innovation, elegance, and eco-conscious living on Start Point Peninsula.

Advice for Homeowners:

ABL3 Architects specialise in residential architecture and we have put together a guide with everything you need to know before you begin. Read our homeowners guide to residential architecture here.

If you would like to speak to our team about our residential architecture experience, please get in touch.