Renovating with heart and vision

Renovating with heart and vision: maintaining the cottage soul while embracing a 30% increase in space.

What the Clients have to say:

“Thank you for everything you have helped me through this year. I couldn’t have done this house renovation without you but more importantly  wouldn’t have enjoyed doing it with anyone else. The whole experience has turned an architect relationship into a friendship for me.”

Cliff House; Seaside Splendor

Seaside splendor meets sustainable sophistication in our Salcombe Estuary project—5 bedrooms, panoramic sea views, and cutting-edge air source heat pumps for a truly green living experience.

Embracing the natural contours of the cliff face, our project maintains an unassuming exterior at first sight. Yet, hidden details tell a different story—a new bay window, refined symmetry, and a carefully chosen palette that honors the property’s history.

This wasn’t about making a bold statement; it was a thoughtful response to a brief, transforming the property for the next generation to admire and cherish.

Advice for Homeowners:

ABL3 Architects specialise in residential architecture and we have put together a guide with everything you need to know before you begin. Read our homeowners guide to residential architecture here.

If you would like to speak to our team about our residential architecture experience, please get in touch.