Designed with the local context in mind, both buildings feature a palette of traditional industrial materials, forming a connection to the maritime atmosphere that envelops the headquarters. The ground floors, designated as ‘water-compatible developments,’ embrace the unique design element of allowing controlled flooding. Flood protection measures, including external fitted flood boards, ensure the shared facilities remain safeguarded.

Venture into the main building, where the first floor hosts a state-of-the-art gin distillery. Through a large window overlooking the street, the purposefully exposed gin stills invite visitors to witness the craft in action. Thoughtfully crafted a ‘room with a view,’ providing an ideal space for gin tasting while enjoying scenic views of Batson Creek.

Join us in the fusion of tradition and modernity, where Salcombe Gin Distillery becomes not just a destination but a year-round attraction, blending the art of gin-making with architectural excellence.

Salcombe Gin Distillery: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Embark on a sensory journey at the new headquarters of Salcombe Gin Distillery, a testament to architectural innovation and a celebration of local heritage. ABL3 Architects have seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary design, creating a distinctive architectural language for two new buildings that harmonise with the surroundings of Salcombe’s boat builders.


  • BD Architect of the Year Awards, Shortlisted, ‘Small Project Architect of the Year’
  • RTPI Awards for Planning Excellence 2017, Commended, ‘Excellence in Planning Delivery’ (SW Category)

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The experience extends to the Gin Gallery, where the Salcombe Distilling Company welcomes the public to partake in crafting their own gin. Housed in a purpose-built room beneath the Tonic Gallery, the ground floor retail space boasts glass corners onto Island Street, creating an immersive and interactive environment.

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